Maggie by Kakan adventkalender innehåller fem av våra resultatorienterade och vårdande produkter. En lucka för varje advent och en bonuslucka för julafton. Vår lucka för julafton innehåller dessutom en väldoftande och efterlängtad överraskning, Maggie by Kakan SCENT, eau de parfum 10 ml, med Maggies karaktäristiska doft från Face Oil, Cleansing Balm och Night Mask. En varm doft av trä med underton av peppar. 

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Maggie by Kakan

Maggie by Kakan is a dream and skin care vision created by Kakan Hermansson. Maggie are skin care products with active ingredients and results-oriented acids, with the aim of achieving good and sustainable skin health. Each product is filled with ingredients that moisturize, soften, strengthen, exfoliate and improve your skin. More, even more and much more - just the way Kakan wants it.

Christmas gifts!

Dream skin and Morning clearness are two packages from Maggie that are perfect to give away to a dear friend, sister or mother. Who doesn't want Dream skin in a gift under the Christmas tree? Or give away All of Maggie, a package that is truly generous! Oh, what pleasure and glow you will give away.

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Kakan Hermansson

“Maggie is my skincare dream, a vision I have been fantasizing about for many years. It started with an insane interest in beauty during my teens, took me on to a punk 20-year-old with spf as my main skin care interest, and then blogging about skin care where communication with readers is my main occupation. My blog placed on Elle since 2015 is a dialogue with my readers - What do they want? What are they missing, and what are they interested in?

If you, like me and many of my readers, love acids and active ingredients, you will love my private chemistry lab as Maggie is. Sustainable skin care, in several different ways, is what I want Maggie to be for me and you. ”

About Maggie's ingredients

If you want to know more about the ingredients in Maggies products and the result they give, read our list of ingredients.



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